Terry " was not an ordinary man, he was exceptional. One of a kind - a different breed of man altogether. He passed at the age of 56 on July 17- 2012, has had tributes paid to him by people from all walks of life, right from countless posts on his facebook page, tributes on youtube, right to having two minutes silence in his honour at the legislative assembly. This speaks volumes about the man that he was.


Terry was a man that entertained & touched the lives of many thru his music. His contribution to the music world was immence & will never be forgotten. He was multi tallented with a voice that could kill. His mastery over the guitar could mesmerize anyone & his knowledge of music was phenomenal. He believed that life should be lived to its fullest with love, understanding, sharing with others & sacrifices. He lived his life by these rules & did it his way.


" Say Terry, & you saw a big man, a big heart, a beautiful deep voice which was pretty unusual in the Goan band scene. We remember him most for his ego-less smile & genuine warmth towards all, including musicians from friendly as well as rival bands. This made him stand out like a healthy thumb ". He was a great husband, a loving father, a fantastic friend, an exceptional musician & a super human being.


Terry's passion & love for music was incredible, & to take that music to the people was a very special gift he possesed. He gave over 40 years of his life to it. He has 5 albums & many singles to his credit, thru this music he will live forever.


Terry always said " Baba, Life gives you only one chance - so enjoy it, cause no matter where you go or what you do, it will always be a wonderful world ".


Thank you Terry for all the wonderful memories you have left us behind with. Thank you so much for the music.


We love you very much & miss you more than words can ever express.

In Terry's Own Words:

 I have been an entertainer / musician for as far back as i can remember or i'd rather say i've been an entertainer since the day i crawled. My journey as a musician began with me watching my parents perform at churches & as a popular band for gigs in Africa, thats where i was born. Like Goa, Africa is a place where you eat, drink rhythm & music - its in the air that u breathe. I learned the guitar at the age of 12, with the guitar that my parents gifted me. THE LINK, of which i was a part of, dominated the music industry in Goa & has the distinction of being the only band in Goa till date to share the same stage with international musicians such as Osibisa, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, Nic Kershaw, the Bootleg Beatles & others who performed at various times in Goa.

 I formed the outfit LYNX in 1994 when we ditched hotel contracts & committed myself to a sincere dedication to good, honest & happy LIVE MUSIC & upto date on modern lines. LYNX ranks among Goa's finest - No Kidding !. I have a collection of guitars, but usually play lead / rhythm on my Fender Stratocaster or Fernandes USA guitar through a Boss GT10 multi effects unit & Shure Beta 58 USA microphone for vocals, & as a good buddy of mine quips when he's compering shows with us - " On stage - Terry caresses his guitar & makes love to his microphone - What he's upto offstage is a different ball game "

So this my friends & prospective clients (you will soon be our friends anyway), in brief is an introduction to the band called LYNX, a joyful musical story always unfolding with a few frills & fancies. This is with truthful sincerity & dedication,   a commitment to the happy alchemy that we all know we cant really live without, called " ENTERTAINMENT " & really celebrating LIFE.



http://youtu.be/qxZQSPzts-g  (No Woman No Cry - Lynx 2005)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_AcXWyGKWM (Reggae Medley - Lynx - 2005)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVb4Ann1IYY (Terry's Birthday Celebration - Organized by LYNX & Friends)




                                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BS6Nvnb1XE ( Reggaeman de  GOA )

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