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ANTHONY FERNANDES                      

Im the BASS cat - who stalks a reputed company as their Accounts Auditor & prowls the night life with the band. Though im an accountant by profession, my love for music was so strong, that in 1990 I joined the music scene & have not turned my back ever since. In my ledger of music, I performed with popular bands such as  HUMANE - STATUS (Winners for the 1991 all GOA competition for upcoming bands), PINK CHAMPAINE & FANTASY, which was started by State Award winner in the Field of Music, Mr. Coney M. While I was with Coney M, I arranged the music and composed songs for a Konkani album of him  which met great success. I have a collection of guitars but usually perform with my 5 string Muzikman Sterling, 5 String Cort B5 or 5 string Ibanez & use a AKG / Shure beta 58 USA mic for vocals..... Yes I can sing too... you have to hear it to believe it. As a bassist, I believe you have to always play like you have something to say & not like you have something to show.



I've been playing music since the age of 15. My father himself a musician, saw to my music education & now, i am quite comfortable playing drums, bass & even the trumpet. However my all  consuming passion is the Keys. I've played keyboards for various bands in Goa & also for a short stint at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Delhi. All in all, i do come across as a rather serious guy - but once I get my fingers flying across the black & whites - - There is no stopping me. I've been the keyboardist & supporting vocalist for LYNX since 2003. I believe that music is the best way of expressing one's feeling to the world as its a language everyone understands. There is no better way to express one's self & LIVE music is the only way to do it. I've always been a LIVE player & will always be this way. I also have my own studio & work/worked on multiple projects for many big names in the industry.



Been born & brought up in Dubai for 22 years & Egypt for 3 years, I enjoy entertainment & am the naughty member of the LYNX. Music runs in my blood - as my late father was the drummer of the band REUNION back in the 70's in GOA. I believe that people in today's world thrive on the fulfillment in music & entertainment plays a major role in the upbringing of each one of us, but mostly I believe in "MIXING THE WORLD TOGETHER THRU MUSIC" - Words of the legendary king of Reggae - Mr. Bob Marley. I am an entertainer by profession & have been in the scene for over 8 years. From 2002 since I got to Goa, I’ve free-lanced as an M.C at weddings, conference parties, discotheques, private parties, boat cruises etc. My father used to always say, I was built for the stage. I started my musical carrier career in 2003 singing for the band VENTURES, then went on to climb the ladder in 2004 & joined the CREAM. In 2007 I moved back to Dubai & was in charge of Entertainment for the SEA FARERS CLUB. I missed the stage, moved back to Goa in 2008 & secured a spot in LYNX. While being in the band, I also hosted my own TV show on HCN called Entertainment Weekend. I am also a reporter for lifestyle & entertainment. 


I'm the youngest member of the band. Music lies in my family, I was interested in drums at an early age. Due to my fondness of the drums. Ive been a part of bands such as Skyline, Frontline, Rhythm & Blues & have performed with many other outfits as a guest drummer.  Some of my Drum heroes are Mike Portnoy, Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers etc.My musical motto : ‘ Be yourself and play music from your heart”.


My journey has been a wild one in music. Right from when i decided for myself i want to be a musician - the journey has never ended. A lot of bands in the list. Travel in music to Dubai, Qatar with different bands. to add also playing with Graham Hamilton from the UB40 for a short shint. I am also in the " Guitar Gods Of GOA " - class of 2014.  I enjoy being ALIVE & LIVE MUSIC is what I'm all about. Im loving my music & I'm just loving myself, that i believe is how you bring the best in oneself. 

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